Our Immunizations & Vaccinations

Immunizations are available by appointment only and require a prescription.

Flu Vaccinations

Availability: Seasonal Flu shots will are available now, we are having several clinics each week. call for the times of these clinics, as the times will vary.

Seasonal Flu Clinic: Call for Schedule

Special Considerations: All people should get these flu shots, unless you are allergic to eggs or have had a bad reaction to a flu shot in the past. We do expect the H1N1 vaccine in mid october. You should get both.

Cost: Seasonal Flue shots cost $25, however, if you have medicare or medicaid the cost is covered.


Shingles Vaccination

Availability: Zostavax is a one dose vaccine for the prevention of shingles.

Special Considerations: Anyone who has had chicken pox can get shingles. This means 95% of adults are at risk. There are about a million new cases of shingles each year in the United States. Approximately one-third of the U.S. population will get shingles. The risk rises after 50 years of age. Half of people living to age 85 have had or will get shingles. Among those who get shingles, more than one-third will develop serious complications. Person allergic to neomycin ot gelatin should not receive the vaccine.

Cost: The vaccine is not covered by Medicare A/B, but many part D plans will cover the vaccine. Expect to pay a copay and an immunization fee based on where you are in TROOP and your particular Medicare part D plan.

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Our Immunization Program

As we are both certified immunizers, we felt we could serve our community by offering on-site vaccinations.

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